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Visalia Distribution Center—We’ve Got Milk.

Inland Star’s Visalia Distribution Center is home to the DairyAmerica Visalia Distribution Center (DAVDC). This warehouse is the most active dry milk distribution center in the world, processing 2-4 million pounds of product daily, much of it headed to infant formula production sites around the globe. Located in the Central California city of Visalia, this distribution center has a tangible global impact.

DAVDC associates process the never-ending flow of powdered milk product, unload trailers, put product into storage, stage outbounds, and painstakingly containerize shipments bound for foreign ports.

Cleanliness, sanitation, and well ordered procedures reign; our DAVDC operation recently set a new industry standard for food-grade distribution centers, scoring an unheard of 985/1000 on the 2011 AIB inspection.

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