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Over 30 years we’ve developed more than 2 million square feet of warehouse space--much of it meeting the rigorous demands of chemical and hazardous material storage. Our Fresno campus is specially designed for efficient, secure, and cost-effective client solutions, and our new Los Angeles (Carson) facility was engineered to accommodate a wide variety of chemicals safely and in full compliance with applicable codes.

Our development team will assure that your project is on time and on budget, satisfies all operational requirements, and  meets all government, code, and regulatory requirements.

Development Services You Can Trust

  • Project Needs/Objectives Assessment
  • Design/Engineering
  • Site Selection
  • Lease/Buy Options
  • Contractor Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Project Financing

Did You Know?

Core Values



Laying the Foundation

Star Warehouse Company was incorporated in August, 1981. The company changed its name in 1985 to Inland Star Distribution Centers, Inc. During these early years, co-founder and current Chairman and CEO, Michael Kelton, guided the young warehousing company into a provider of quality regional services. Growth was facilitated when Mr. Kelton contracted with a local marketing firm to conduct research, develop a focused marketing plan, and develop marketing communications materials.

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