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We Still Get the Paper in the Digital Age

Paper products are evolving to meet changing commerce and industry trends. In addition to high tonnage base-paper mills, smaller valueadded product mills are appearing near consumer markets. Emerging supply chains are requiring paper materials on demand. The need for agile and responsive warehousing and distribution partners is accelerating. The right 3PL warehouse solution is critical to effective paper distribution.

Changing Product Lines

New packing, hygiene and specialty products are emerging, led by demand for stronger, smaller packages — easy to dispose of and recycle — to satisfy fast-paced lifestyles. Customer Focus is key.

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Large roll clamps
  • Diverse Paper Experience
  • Proven Performance
  • Rail Served

The Right Solutions

Inland Star partners with large and small manufacturers and distributors, providing elegant, tailored distribution and warehousing solutions grounded in a Partnership—Stewardship—Ownership culture and the Inland Star Business Excellence Standard “BESt.” Whether arriving by ship, rail, or truck; we unload, store, and reship your paper products accurately and efficiently. Our warehouse management system (WMS) tracks product movement by roll, unit, or lot code from receipt to final shipment.

What products can we handle for you?

  • Printing rolls
  • Fine-coated
  • Linerboard
  • Specialty rolls
  • Newsprint rolls
  • Literature
  • Forms

Multi-client SolutionsDedicated Solutions

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