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Whether your products are auto parts, toys, sporting goods, electronics, supplies, or equipment, supply chain success means an efficient, accurate, sustainable, and costeffective warehousing solution. Finding the right warehousing partner is key. One with the right location, experience, service capability and IT resources.

Shoot for a high-performance, one-touch solution delivering all the right outcomes—day after day, order after order — one that can adapt to your changing needs. Find a partner with high customer service IQ. Customer Focus makes all the difference.

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  • Tailored Solutions
  • Customer Focused
  • Proven Performance
  • Rail Served
  • Versatile Handling Equipment

We Get It.

At Inland Star we provide one touch solutions grounded in a partnership—stewardship— ownership culture. Our Fresno CA and Los Angeles (Carson) CA operations provide SoCal, state-wide, and Western States distribution solutions.

Our diverse experience and service capability is deployed within Inland Star’s Business Excellence Standard (BESt) — laying solid groundwork for lasting stewardship precision. Inland Star IT Systems are flexible and customizable to your requirements. And, our exclusive EHS3 Process protects you, your stakeholders, and your brand by ensuring the safest, most secure warehousing environment available.

We excel at a wide array of merchandise:

  • Sporting Goods
  • Cosmetics
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Supplies
  • CPG
  • Appliances


Insist on an elegant, tailored solution!

Did You Know?

Core Values



Laying the Foundation

Star Warehouse Company was incorporated in August, 1981. The company changed its name in 1985 to Inland Star Distribution Centers, Inc. During these early years, co-founder and current Chairman and CEO, Michael Kelton, guided the young warehousing company into a provider of quality regional services. Growth was facilitated when Mr. Kelton contracted with a local marketing firm to conduct research, develop a focused marketing plan, and develop marketing communications materials.

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