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Protect Your Products

Stewardship of your products is job one. You need a facility with comprehensive food-grade features, standards and procedures, one that ensures product freshness, health and safety — protecting against economic loss while ensuring growth and profitability for your business.

Insist on Seamless Performance

When perfect orders are delivered month after month — with minimal effort and no problems — your business grows. Its that simple. Insist on an experienced 3pl partner passionate about Customer Focus.

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Diverse Handling Capability
  • Rigorous Housekeeping & Pest Control
  • Proven Performance
  • Food Grade Clientele

Multi-client SolutionsDedicated Solutions

The Right Infrastructures

At Inland Star we provide one touch solutions grounded in a partnership—stewardship— ownership culture and the Inland Star Business Excellence Standard (BESt) — laying ensuring lasting stewardship precision.

  • American Institute of Baking (AIB) Superior Ratings
  • Comprehensive Food Safety Process
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards & training
  • FIFO / batch / lot controls
  • Inventory reporting
  • Recall capability
  • Custom inventory controls
  • Proven technology
  • Exclusive EHS3 process

The Right Solutions

  • JIT Delivery
  • Pick-pack-ship
  • B2B / B2C
  • POP displays
  • Package Inspection
  • Order delivery management
  • Relabeling / Repacking

Trust Inland Star with your food warehousing challenge.

Did You Know?

Core Values


Inland Star's Visalia facility distributes 2-4 million pounds per day of dry milk to the world for Dairy America.

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