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Compliance - Brand Protection - Risk Mitigation

The Right Solution is Engineered

Packaged chemical warehousing requires carefully engineered infrastructures with segregated rooms for non-regulated, (S-1) corrosives & poisons (H-4), and combustibles & flammables (H-3). Service reliability satisfying your customers is essential. Safety infrastructures to mitigate foreseeable hazards are critical. Demand documented proof of regulatory compliance, current permitting to protect your brand, and exemplary Customer Focus.

Verify Compliance with Your Partner

  • Sara Title III [reporting]
  • National Fire Code [NFC]
  • California Fire Code [CFC]
  • National Building Code [NBC]
  • Department of Transportation [DOT]
  • Code of Federal Regulations 49 [49 CFR]
  • Air Quality Management District [AQMD]
  • National Fire Protection Association [NFPA]
  • International Air Transport Association [IATA]
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods [IMDG]
  • California Title 22 Haz Waste Generator [CA Title 22]
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration [OSHA]
  • California Accidental Release Prevention Program [CalARP]
  • Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act [EPCRA]
  • Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act [SARA TITLE III]
  • Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response [HAZWOPPER]
  • Environmental Protection Agency Risk Management Plan [EPA RMP]

Multi-client SolutionsDedicated Solutions

Diverse Chemical Products Handled

Coatings - Adhesives - Oils - Lubricants Acids
Salts Preservatives - Pesticides Herbicides
Fungicides - Additives Solvents - Resins

Comprehensive Capability

  • Exclusive EHS3 Process
  • Partnership—Stewardship—Ownership culture
  • Hazmat trained associates
  • Business Excellence Standard “BESt” quality process
  • Engineered fire & environmental protection
  • Segregated S-1, H-3, H-3 rooms
  • High pile permits—hazardous & flammable
  • Batch/lot inventory control
  • On-site Emergency Response Teams (ERT)
  • Chemical cooler & freezer rooms
  • Customized inventory management

Insist on compliance and risk mitigation.

Did You Know?

Core Values



Fresno Campus

In 1987-88, Inland Star designed and built a multi-purpose warehouse facility. The three building, 385,000 SF complex at 3146 S. Chestnut Avenue enabled Inland Star to receive, store and ship a wide variety of products safety and securely.

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