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Our Pledge

Seamless Supply Chain Performance—
Our Pledge to Perfection

Performance. Perfection.

Many logistics companies promise perfection, yet fail to deliver. At Inland Star, a 100 percent perfect order is a critical standard, and one we pledge to honor.

Our clients demand perfection. In fact, their livelihoods—and ours—depend on it. That’s why we’re committed to achieving perfection at every link in our supply chain service.

In the extremely rare case that we do get it wrong—we will make it right, as fast as humanly possible. We feel good about that, and you will too.

As a new client, we’ll develop a “Pledge to Perfection” tailored to meet your needs and priorities, detailing our Guarantee and how we’ll make it right if we ever come up short.

In the world of logistics, perfection is hard. But it’s not impossible. Let Inland Star show you how it’s done.

Our “Pledge to Perfection” energizes each Power of 3

  • Partnership thrives when critical key performance indicators are defined, met and reviewed routinely.
  • Stewardship evolves by determining the root cause of undesirable outcomes.
  • Ownership deepens with pride as we pursue and achieve audacious goals.

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Inland Star's Visalia facility distributes 2-4 million pounds per day of dry milk to the world for Dairy America.

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