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What is EHS3?

Risk Mitigation & Compliance Protects Your Brand

Inland Star facilities are carefully engineered and operated to protect the environment from contamination due to chemical spill, fire, water run-off and casual rainwater contamination. Ours is an engineered approach to facility design, in a governance model targeting zero environmental incidents. We provide reliable stewardship for all product types.

  •     • Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) certified
  •     • Facility infrastructures professionally engineered for run-off control, containment, fire prevention
  •     • Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance:
    •         • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Risk Management Plan
    •         • California Office of Emergency Services Accidental Release Plan (Cal-ARP)
    •         • International Building Code (UBC)
    •         • Air Quality Management District (AQMD)
    •         • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  •     • Climate Controlled / Temperature monitoring


At Inland Star, our people are our most important asset. Safeguarding associate health and well-beingis our top priority. Our EHS3 governance framework facilitates oversight of associate training, equipment inspection, testing and maintenance, and emergency planning and preparedness. We manage all aspects of OSHA compliance with meticulous care.
  •     • Cigna Health and Wellness Program
  •     • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance
  •     • Employee medical certification – pre-employment and as prerequisite for Emergency Response Team (ERT) membership


Our safety process ensures that operational practices conform to applicable fire codes. A licensed fire protection engineer reviews storage configurations for compliance. For decades, Inland Star has maintained a fully trained and equipped Emergency Response Team (ERT), providing chemical manufacturers with added security and peace of mind.
  •     • Fire Prevention Infrastructures by Licensed Fire Protection Engineer
  •     • Employee safety training
  •     • Weekly safety meetings
  •     • On-Site Emergency Response Team (ERT)
  •     • HazMat Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  •     • Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance:
    •         • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
    •         • Department of Transportation (DOT)
    •         • International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG)


Inland Star is certified under the American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care Management System (RCMS). Part of the RCMS framework is a Security Code, a set of 13 management practices developed after 9/11 in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security. The RC Security Code is a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology, requiring a mandatory security assessment and independent verification of required security modifications.
  •     • Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) security requirements
  •     • Site security measures:
    •         • Visitor sign in/sign out
    •         • Visitor badges
    •         • Motion detection
    •         • Central station alarm
    •         • Security cameras
    •         • Video recordings -- every warehouse aisle
    •         • Perimeter fencing
    •         • Night monitoring


Inland Star is a participant in the International Warehouse Logistics Association's Sustainable Logistics Initiative (SLI). The SLI process enables 3PL warehouse facilities to be more efficient through cost-effective sustainability programs focused on four main areas - recycling efforts, electrical usage, water usage, and safety practices.
  •     • Comprehensive recycling program
  •     • Energy efficient LED light fixtures
  •     • Solar power program
  •     • Water Conservation Awareness